The Paul King Foundry, an American casting foundry based in Rhode Island, USA and Sculpture Source Asia are both operated by Paul Cavanagh, a highly dedicated & experienced professional who takes great pride in producing fine art sculptures worldwide.


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The fine art sculpture foundries cast bronze modern sculptures and can fabricate in bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and all other non-ferrous metals and materials including stone, fiberglass & wood. Their services include fabrication, mold-making, standard enlarging, computer enlarging, 3D Printing (Rapid Prototyping), high quality- high density foam services, fine finishing & patinas for sculptures up to 150 feet in height or more! Sand-casting and ceramic shell techniques are employed. Sculpture Source Asia offers secure environments and can drop-ship to any location.

At the Paul King Foundry, we have spent years working with artists from all over the world. It has been our honor to have worked closely with some of the most prominent artists of this and the past century. We have also worked with such esteemed institutions as the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, RISD, Gardner Museum, Smithsonian Museum, The Getty Museum, Johnson Atelier, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Raytheon, Matthews, Asia Fine Art and The United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.

The Paul King Foundry is focused on cost, quality and customer service. Our commitment to providing high quality castings, exquisite finishes, museum quality patinas and professional installations along with excellence in customer service at the lowest possible cost continues to bring us new customers.