Asia Contemporary Art Show

Nanchang: Collaboration An Artist’s Dream

Leah Poller and Paul Cavanaugh

Leah Poller

Leah Poller exhibited selections from her “101 Bed Collection” at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in May. Poller’s presentation at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong illustrates what goes on in bed is a very personal and sometimes intimate matter. The beautiful bronze sculptures in the series presented by Poller were cast and finished in Nanchang, China.

Paul Cavanagh through Sculpture Source Asia brought Leah Poller to Nanchang in 2012. Poller developed a wonderful relationship with the people working within the foundry. The foundry in Nanchang continues to produce beautiful pieces of sculpture from Poller’s “101 Bed Collection”. Poller recently stated to a reporter, “This kind of collaboration is an artist’s dream.”

The foundry in Nanchang, known for casting bronze sculpture and bronze plaques, is one of China’s most important foundries and Paul Cavanagh has a unique and privileged relationship. The opportunity Leah Poller continues to enjoy, which is open to sculptors everywhere, was made possible by our affiliate Sculpture Source Asia. To learn more about working in Asia or having sculpture cast there, please visit our affiliate website,