Paul Cavanaugh of Paul King Foundry

Paul Cavanagh of Paul King Foundry

We are a proud Member of the American Foundry Society and in 2001, the Paul King Foundry won an award from the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission

Located in Johnston, Rhode Island, the Paul King Foundry is an American bronze sculpture foundry for fine & decorative arts with an international clientele and an excellent reputation.

For 47 years, we’ve worked closely with our clients to provide the highest possible quality bronzes with the most flexible, cost-effective service anywhere on the planet.


Our Services include 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping and high density foam services. We cast in bronze, aluminum and all other non-ferrous metals and materials in addition to employing sand-casting and ceramic shell techniques. In Asia, where we have a strategic alliance, we are also set up to do computer enlarging and as a result, can produce some of the largest high quality castings in the world.

It has been our honor to work with many exceptional artists. Here are but a few:
Paul Manship, Jose Buscaglia, Robert Shure, Richard Fleischner, Peter France, Ernest Montenegro, Penelope Jencks, Mags Harries, Ahmad Peii, Kate Johnstone, Kay Worden, Gene Cauthen, Felix De Welden, Dexter Jones, Frank Eliscu, Bryant Baker, Walker Hancock, Merlin Szosz, Gilbert Franklin, Seward Johnson, Karen Petersen, Peter Haines, Lu Stubbs, George Aarons, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Alba Corrado, David Chamberlain, John Wilson, Mico Kaufman Kahlil Gibran, Richard Rosenblum, Joy Brown, Demetri Hadzi, Richard Fishman, Leah Poller & Aima Saint Hunan

To learn more about working in Asiawww.SculptureSourceAsia.com

or call: Michelle Cavanagh, Business Manager at (401) 300.8431